Which is better firestick or roku?

When it comes to Roku vs. Firestick, the race is close, but we think Roku beats Fire TV. While both streaming devices are simple and intuitive, Roku's direct menu and search results make it easy to find what you're looking for, and the device's specifications ensure smooth streaming with crisp picture quality. Roku and firestick are two of the best streaming device players on the market, but which one comes out first? Our confrontation between Roku and Firestick brings both of them face to face.

Read on to find out which one wins. To help you decide which streaming device is best for you, we're pitting the two players together (though you can also check out our guide to what a Firestick is, as well as our beginner's guide to Roku). Both Roku and Firestick have the basic features you would expect from the best streaming device options, you can access streaming services and watch content on the big screen. However, there are some key differences when it comes to content accessibility, usability, and connectivity.

In this direct match between Roku vs Firestick, Roku wins. It has a wider range of devices, is very easy to use and organize, and has many free Roku channels available along with paid Roku subscriptions, making it the best choice for cable cutters. In terms of streaming quality, the superior sticks of both companies are capable of delivering 4K quality to compatible TVs. However, Amazon's 4K Max wins because it outperforms Roku in sound quality with Dolby Atmos and a faster connection due to its wider WiFi options.

Although the Roku may offer a longer range over dual-band 802.11ac, Wi-Fi MIMO, the amazon fire stick supports WiFi 6, which could provide a more stable Internet connection for less buffered streaming. Many of the apps available on Android phones, Kindles, and other devices are available on FireStick. I need to know which Firestick device will accept a signal via an ethernet cable and allow my TV to work as well as it does now. And while Amazon is eager to discount its Firesticks, price isn't the only factor to consider when making your purchase.

Apart from looking a little different, the Roku or Firestick setup process is pretty much the same. On FireStick, Amazon content automatically plays constantly, consuming data and causing your device to lag. Roku allows you to connect your headphones directly to the headphone jack on your mobile device, while Firestick allows you to use Bluetooth headphones. Unlike Amazon Firestick, Roku doesn't offer a working internet browser, so it's much more limited in terms of options.

While the previous part of the guide focused primarily on the Streaming Stick Plus and the traditional FireStick, there are more options on each side depending on your budget. However, please understand that we have no Firestick or Roku experience with this use case. The Roku and Firestick mobile apps are similar in that you can basically turn your mobile device into a remote control.

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