Is it worth buying a fire stick?

Unless you've been living “off the grid”, you'll probably meet a lot of people with this amazing media streaming device, but is it worth the fire stick? Designed around Amazon Prime, many videos and TV shows are free to Prime members. You can also rent or buy movies, TV series, etc. All your Amazon content is securely stored in the Amazon cloud for playback at any time. If you enjoy other Amazon products and services, you can determine if the Fire TV Stick is worth it.

If you don't use Alexa or don't invest in Amazon Prime Video, additional features may be superfluous and even distracting, as Fire TV will promote Amazon content. If you want to use the Fire TV Stick to its fullest potential, then the answer is yes. One of the main advantages of a Fire TV Stick is that it is portable. You don't have to buy or rent a cable box for every room in your home.

If you're watching TV in the living room and want to go somewhere else, simply remove the Fire TV Stick and take it with you wherever you want to go, even on vacation. Anywhere you have a TV with HDMI port and a secure WiFi connection will give you access to all your music, videos, entertainment apps, games and photos. Beware of overlapping content, as you don't want to buy something on Amazon only to later find out that it's free on Netflix. IMDB's remote control, apps, paid library and integration make the experience a worthwhile purchase if you regularly rent movies from Amazon or enjoy Amazon's exclusive movies and shows.

While there are no notable streaming services absent at this time, users cannot access the Google Play Store, which is where you can rent or buy new movies, you will have to use Amazon Prime Video instead. If you want an affordable way to cut the cable and stream content, it's worth the value of the Fire TV Stick. There are hundreds of 4K HDR TVs out there, but I tried doing a search for 1080p TVs that can do HDR on the Best Buy site and found only four.

Melody Landau
Melody Landau

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